Breivik captured on 10 CCTV cameras

Breiviks car turns into Grubbegata. Photo: ABC Nyheter

CCTV cameras around the government buildings in Oslo followed Anders Behring Breivik’s movements for almost ten minutes before the bomb exploded in front of the main building in the government quarters.

Denne artikkelen er over ett år gammel og kan innholde utdatert informasjon

ABC Nyheter can Friday reveal further stills from CCTV's from buildings surrounding Grubbegata, where Breivik’s home-made bomb exploded on Friday July 22nd, 2011.

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The new images show the attacker’s movements after he parked the van outside the main building.

A source close to the investigation reacts strongly when presented for the images for the first time.

- It is inconceivable that no one raised the alarm, he says to ABC Nyheter.

The last preparations

The images reveal that Breivik used some time before parking the car at 3.13.23 PM this Friday. For unknown reasons he stops outside the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs in Grubbegata 1 one minute and 54 seconds before driving the last 200 meters where he parked the car.

Breivik is probably making his last preparations before the terrorist attack. He does this after verifying that it is possible to drive the car unnoticed close to the building where the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Justice is located.

Parts of Grubbegata are closed due to roadwork this day, but the passage that leads to the building is visible from the point where he stops.

See all the CCTV-images as a video

No one responds

One police theory is that Breivik activated his deadly cargo when the vehicle was parked outside Grubbegata 1. Several pedestrians are passing the car, but no one responds or looks into the vehicle’s cab.

After being parked for almost two minutes Behring Breivik drives towards the main government building, the H-block. To get access to the space outside the building’s lobby, he needs to get through the roadblocks.

The CCTV catches him as he is turning away from the square in front of the H-block, and back into the superstructure. He spends 26 seconds to park the car. He leaves the parked car at 3.16.46 PM. He spends a few more seconds inside the car before walking out of the white rental car, a VW Crafter, after a further 16 seconds.

He stops outside the van for seven seconds, before turning quickly away from the scene carrying a gun.

- He was carrying a sheet

The security guards at the scene have admitted that they watched him carrying a sheet and that Breivik was wearing a security guard uniform. The guards also say that the parked car was a Mercedes Benz van.

But the images shows that the car was not a Mercedes Benz, but a VW Crafter, and the object he was carrying was definitely not a sheet. He was not even wearing a security guard uniform.

Anders Behring Breivik was wearing a black helmet with visor, bulletproof west and dark trousers with reflective tape on the legs. He was also wearing a dark sweater with long sleeves and a bright symbol of the sleeves, and black boots.

To an untrained eye this resembles the outfit of a policeman working for the emergency squad.

Breivik was observed by ten CCTV cameras in all this afternoon, and shows the attacker from the point where he runs into Grubbegata, until he disappears on foot towards the square at Hammersborg.

Looks back at his car

After he leaves the car, eight of the CCTV’s catches his movements. The images reveal that Breivik looks back over his left shoulder towards the van that remains untouched for eight minutes before the bomb explodes.

Breivik was also observed by one of the staff at Oslo’s fire and rescue agency, as he had to pass outside the agency’s offices. The officer who saw him responds to what he observes; a man walking in the center of Oslo carrying a gun.

Soon after, Breivik turns right towards the Hammersborg square. The time is now 3.18.16 PM.

Seen by witness

Investigators believe that he at this point is on his way towards another rental car, in which he soon later drives in direction Utøya where he kills 69 people and damaging many more with his guns at the summer camp of the Norwegian Labour Party's youth organization.

Another witness has told that he responded to the man dressed as a policeman driving a car against the direction in Møllergata. He calls the police and tells them about what he just observed about 3.40 PM.

This incident happens 16 minutes after the bomb have exploded at 15.24.18 PM.

After the explosion, the security staff also alerts the Oslo police department.

The guards' first description of Anders Behring Breivik is that they saw a white man, but with darker skin colour than the average Norwegian. The guards immediate thought was that it was a man from the Middle East.