What would you do if you saw a cold child alone at a bus stop?

Denne artikkelen er over ett år gammel og kan innholde utdatert informasjon

A Norwegian charity set up a hidden camera in the center of Oslo to capture how people reached out to a cold child on a winter day. – The result is heartwarming.

A bus stop in Oslo, Norway:

A boy sits alone. He has no coat on and is shivering. It is winter and freezing cold. How do people react when they see him? Will they try to help him or do they walk on by?

This is what the Norwegian charity SOS Children's Villages wanted to find out. They hid a camera and placed the boy Johannes at a bus stop in the center of the Norwegian capital.

– We made this video to raise awareness about the situation for children in Syria. It is winter and cold there, a horrible situation for the Syrian people in general, and especially for the children. They need warm clothes, coats and equipment to make it through the winter, explains Head of Information, Synne Rønning, to ABC Nyheter.

She describes the result of their experiment as heartwarming:

– Luckily a lot of people cared. One guy even stripped down to his t-shirt in order to share his coat with the boy, says Rønning.


Velkommen til debatt

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Tor Strand, redaktør.

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